Success Stories

The Un-Ignorable Radio Ad

“Making your home equity work for you” is one of the most iconic jingles in BC and Alberta. Everyone knows it, but it would be safe to say that few love it. We had some fun with this by getting the VO actors themselves to beg for it to stop. This creative approach worked like magic. When the ad played, the phone rang. It drove people nuts after a while, but it was a definite moneymaker.

"Mike spent 2 weeks getting to know our company, our clients and the way we work. He then created a fully integrated advertising program across all of our mediums (web, TV, Radio, Direct Mail). Mike’s creativity, passion and drive for perfection have helped our organization move into the next phase of our brand existence. I would recommend Immersion Creative to any company looking for a fresh approach to their advertising campaign."

Kurt Wipp, Alpine Credits