Success Stories

A Business Built on Social Media

How do you build a company from scratch when you have no money for media? Simple. You go digital. We amassed thousands of Twitter followers, hundreds of Facebook friends, optimized like crazy on Google, and even threw in a few guerilla advertising tactics for good measure.

PRIMED offers tutorial workshops for nursing students preparing for the CRNE. By getting thousands of nurses to follow them on social media and optimizing their keywords we shot to the top of the search engines and filled their classrooms.

PRIMED went from one tutorial with four students to becoming a nation-wide brand, recognized by the Canadian Nursing Association, with 10 classes a year in 5 cities across Canada (all sold-out), an iPhone app, a lucrative online quiz and a successful business model that runs itself.

Total money spent on traditional media = $0.

"Immersion Creative was vital to the growing success of our business. We had a good product, but nobody knew about us. Through social marketing and creative advertising Mike helped us acquire 540% more students."

Laura Housden and Marlene Burrows, PRIMED Educational Associates