Success Stories

Anthea is Everywhere!

We needed to build the Anthea Poon brand in a way that was fun, memorable and distinctive.

So we started with the name: Anthea. And we put it on everything.

We made full use of transit advertising, blanketing the city on a small budget. By constantly mixing up the headlines and routes, we made it seem like she’s on every bus in the city. 

Through social media we amassed over 1200 followers and built conversations with potential buyers all through the city.

The results were tremendous, overnight she went from ‘just another Vancouver real estate agent’ to a go-to source for journalistic articles about real estate in the city, in other words, a celebrity!

As mentioned on her Twitter account:

“People aren't asking when the next bus is coming. There asking when the next Anthea is coming. Yr on all of the buses.”

"I got a random call yesterday from someone who just "wanted to congratulate us on an amazing campaign." I also got a call tonight from someone who wants to buy a condo. I'll be meeting with him next Sat so keep you posted:) So all in all, stellar feedback on the campaign from my colleagues, randoms and potential clients. Thank you!"

Anthea Poon, The Residential Group Realty